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Yes it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  The ironic thing is it’s not because there hasn’t been anything going on!  We hosted several shoots over the past few months, including Charlie,  Asia and Desert Beauty, Tanya and Krystal.  I have a slight backlog of edits to finish and will share a few when done.

Here’s the first installment, out of Canada it’s Canadian Beauty.  She was fabulous to work with and I have plans to bring her back in September!

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Just a brief update

The Charlie and Tanya shoots went well to start off the year!  We passed our one year anniversary in the new studio! Still looking at dates for the lighting workshop.  Asia and desert Beauty will be back soon, and booking more models for May+

Check back soon for the latest!!


And Happy New Year to All!!

Happy New Year!

First Edit

Believe me this is a daunting task; so many great captures.  Anyway here is just the first!


A great day with Asia and Desert Beauty

Things worked out wonderfully with Asia and Desert beauty during the extra day. I wanted to thank those who made it to the group shoot and booked private sessions on short notice!

Here is one of the best shots from the day. I’m sure there are plenty more to come! Great shot Bill!!


Special Opportunity

Those on our pre-announcement list they have already been sent notice:

Due to a schedule change,  Asia and Desert Beauty have an extra day to spend with the studio on this Wednesday December 12th from 3pm+

We have private and semi private sessions available.  

If you are  interested in shooting one or both models (including both together) get in touch asap by sending an email to MrDagger.


Asia Julie 12.12@90DPI

A Holiday Gift Idea

If you wish to purchase a calendar call Jennifer at (440) 834-0160 – cost is $10 each and $4.95 for shipping.
Gunnrunner Calendar_00 COVER@1024K


From Concept to “Reality”

Just a glimpse of the behind the scenes creativity that went into the calendar.  Here are the concept sketches along with one of the finished images for each model, hope you enjoy!

Model: Courtney

Model: Courtney


Model JNL

Model JNL


Model: Nicole Kelly

Model: Nicole Kelly


Model: Stephanie

Model: Stephanie





Probably a better way to Display

Girls of Gunnrunner Calendar

It doesn’t get much better than this, I’m proud to announce that the Girls of the Gunrunner Calendar has hit the streets with a grand kick-off; a calendar signing and holiday party this past weekend!  I’ll have more from that later.  But for now I just wanted to thank Scott, from the Gunrunner for his passion and vision for this project.  To Joanna, the wonderfully talented artist, my assistant’s for the shoot Bill and Greg and of course the lovely and talented models: Courtney, Nicole Kelly, Jonelle, and Stephanie thank you all so very much.  What a great team!

Rumor has it we’ll be circling the wagons for a cowboys and Indians theme next year!

But for now, let’s enjoy the final product!! (Caution it may take a minute to load)

Full Calendar

Just a little something to keep you warm this Winter!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Santa's Hot Helper!

Santa’s Hot Helper!