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Body Painting Art Excellence

Feel free to call me prejudiced, but for me there are few more talented artists than JZino.  Her work is always outstanding, her creative vision is amazing and she is wonderful to work with. Put an artist like that, together with an outstanding model and you get results.  here are just the first few edits from an amazing shoot!

_MOD1944P@1024K@Border _MOD2005P@1024K _MOD2069P@1024K



Give yourself a little something this holiday season

2013 Lighting Workshop Flyer @150DPI

One From Two

Just one edit from each of the other two body painting sets!



A Few More

Here are a few more from the first set!


First take from body painting sessions

Here’s the first edit from just an amazing set:

Special thanks to Joanna and Katie for their awesome work!!!