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Happy New Years to all!

Hope everyone has a fun but safe 2011!!!



Bed & Breakfast Group Shoot

Ok guys, email me now!

500th Visit!

Just a quick note to thank everyone who visits.  The blog registered it’s 500th visit today after  just a month!  Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to share helpful information in one form or another to all who visit!  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe New year!


Image of the Week 12.26.10

This week’s selection was tough because I’m in the middle of catching up on edits so I’ve got a large number of shots that I could submit for various reasons.  I chose this one of Kat for several reasons.  I love the natural framing of the arch and flowers,  the composition overall with the winding pathway, the contrast in styles between the model and the setting, the quirkiness of the tutu and sneakers and the fact that her flower tattoo fits right in.  Hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So what are you doing this Christmas Eve?

Me I’m catching up on some long overdue edits!

Kat & Karina

Lighting setups

Over the years I’ve collected a number of documented lighting setups and thought I’d start sharing a few on here.  Some are very basic, some are very complex and virtually all can be done multiple ways so none of theses are meant to be taken as the”right” way to light any pose.  Hopefully they will be helpful to all!  Just don’t ask where I got them, I couldn’t begin to tell you!

Here is the first:





Bed and Breakfast Group Shoot – Update

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.  I have gotten enough positive response that it looks like we will be putting on the proposed 2 day group shoot at the bed and breakfast location.  I’ll need everyone’s support to pull it off but we’re off to a good start.  I will be updating the model list as we go but I have tentative commitments from JNL, Amber, Kat, and Gwen.  I’ll look to add three area models for some fresh faces as well but until we have an exact date and a confirmed deposit we can’t go much beyond this point.

The agenda will be as follows:

Friday: hotel check in, reception from 7-9pm

Saturday: breakfast – Kickoff meeting @10am  (tour, ground rules, model releases etc…)  Shooting from 11am – 6pm.  Dinner and free time in the evening.

Sunday: breakfast – Brief meeting @10am, shooting until 2pm;  wrap up and cleared out by 3pm

For those that missed it here are a few shots from the location: http://www.pbase.com/mrdaggermodel/bb_workshop

PLEASE NOTE:  This location and event are set up as a natural lighting shoot.  We’ll cover some of the basics, but plan on bringing an off camera flash (like speedlights etc…) and or reflectors for light fill.

I’ve narrowed the cost down to either $650 or $700.  Again that will be finalized once the plans are confirmed.

SO, whether you have already expressed an interest or not I need you to confirm your plans to attend along with any weekend dates that you cannot make it In March through the first weekend in April.  Please send me an email to mrdagger@roadrunner.com.

I’m looking to confirm the attendees and send our deposit in to secure our date no later than January 5th as I’ll be in PA for the gallery show and will be recruiting models for the event!

Happy Holidays to all!

Just had to squeeze a little holiday cheer out this week, Just shot this on Sunday!  Merry Xmas!

Post Shoot – Kat

Kat did a wonderful job at the Studio Partnership Glamour night on Friday.  A big thanks to Mark for bringing a 200 year old hand made Katana, and to Kat for her oriental dress!  Can’t wait for those shots!  Here’s a little something taken by Mark for those who missed it!

Image of the week 12.19.10

Finally getting to a few long overdue edits here and I came across this gem!  I admit I’m a sucker for wild hair, and this emotive capture just stood out!  Easily the pic of the week for me.  Hope you enjoy, and for those who missed Charlie, I’ll have her at the studio for several days this Summer. DON’T miss her this time around 🙂

Shooting Snow & Ice

Thought this was an appropriate article to share given the recent snowfall here in Ohio!  Use the link to view the article from Shutterbug:

Shutterbug: Shooting Snow & Ice.