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Coolest and most useful IPhone APP EVER!

How cool is this, a model release app for the iPhone!  Best thing I have ever seen for us photographers.  Coolest parts are the ability to email the release out after completion and take a photo of the model or ID and integrate it with the release.  Just awesome!

Check it out!!!



Inaugural Image of the Week Post!

This was the first photo manipulation from the Transformers based BumbleBee series.  JNL did a fantastic job after 7+ hours of body painting and make up.  Way to go!!  Hope you like this as much as I do!

Guns a blazin!

Looking Ahead to 2011

I have a location all set for a two day group shoot at a bed and breakfast location approximately 2 hours from Akron / Cleveland.   It will be limited to 6 photographers and will INCLUDE Friday arrival and two nights stay at the B&B.  We will have up to 6 models to shoot all Saturday and Sunday until about 3pm.  There is a substantial deposit required and I’ll need to plan ahead to secure the models so I am looking for serious feedback.    Please respond to the poll or email me with your indicated interest.  Id like to do this early in the year if we have enough interest.  Here is a link to some shot from the location:


Group Shoot – Courtney

December 8th Group Shoot:  This event is sold out!