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Its been a while, so here are just some random recent shots!



Happy 4th of July!


Body Painting Art Excellence

Feel free to call me prejudiced, but for me there are few more talented artists than JZino.  Her work is always outstanding, her creative vision is amazing and she is wonderful to work with. Put an artist like that, together with an outstanding model and you get results.  here are just the first few edits from an amazing shoot!

_MOD1944P@1024K@Border _MOD2005P@1024K _MOD2069P@1024K

A little bit of Heaven

We had the pleasure of hosting Emmy Elle last week for several events including the evening group shoot.  For those who were on the fence or missed her, it was an OUSTANDING day!  She will tentatively be back in January, don’t miss her!


Hosting a Group shoot with Emmy Elle

If interested in attending please email for your reservation form. Pre-reserved reservations only!

Emmy Elle Flyer 09.11@1024K


New Website

Just a little Spring cleaning, my website has been completely redone and updated, be sure and take a look!

New Website


Yes it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  The ironic thing is it’s not because there hasn’t been anything going on!  We hosted several shoots over the past few months, including Charlie,  Asia and Desert Beauty, Tanya and Krystal.  I have a slight backlog of edits to finish and will share a few when done.

Here’s the first installment, out of Canada it’s Canadian Beauty.  She was fabulous to work with and I have plans to bring her back in September!

_MOD1936P@1024K@FRAMED _MOD1993PV2@1024K _MOD2045P@WALLPAPERV2@1024K _MOD2079P@1024K _MOD2111P@1024K _MOD2120P@8X10@1024K

Just a brief update

The Charlie and Tanya shoots went well to start off the year!  We passed our one year anniversary in the new studio! Still looking at dates for the lighting workshop.  Asia and desert Beauty will be back soon, and booking more models for May+

Check back soon for the latest!!


And Happy New Year to All!!

Happy New Year!


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